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Laser Consultation

When it comes to wanting to remove unwanted hair with a laser machine, we find it is extremely important that you come for a consultation and a patch test. 



The consultation will allow our expert therapists to examine your hair growth and determine which of our two machine would be the right fit for you as well as provide you with options for packages (e.g. buy 5 sessions and get the sixth free).

The patch test will allow us to see if there might be any reaction to the laser treatment. This is a precaution we must take in order to decide if this treatment is the right one for you.

Skin Consultations

Do you have any skin concerns?

Well, we can help! 


Our general skin consultations cover any issues you may have and we can help guide you to the right products and the right facials to tackle your skin concerns. 

This skin consultation is an opportunity for you to tell us about your skin concerns and for our skin specialist, to assess your skin to help identify underlying skin problems using our advanced skin analysis camera. Our highly trained Aesthetician has a wealth of experience in dealing with complex skin issues and age management and will guide you with the best advice on your journey to better skin health.

We have two types of skin consultations;

A general skin consultation.

A 3D skin analysis, including pictures through an analysis machine.

There are a couple of options we could offer you: 

A new skincare routine with the best medical brands.

A set facials or peels we can recommend.

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Product Consultation and Review

Once you have been recommended a treatment or routine, we encourage you to book a review with your therapist. This so that we can check that the products are working as they should be and if you might need a refill of some of or all the products. 

In this session, would discuss changes you can see, changes we can see, if another route needs to be taken to tackle another concern and to top-up any prescriptions.

"It was a lovely experience!! Thank you Priti for being so warm and welcoming. Very very very happy with Sweta and her service, thanks to her for giving me some additional advice while I was getting my nails done. See you soon in 3 weeks."

— Sweta Patel.

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