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Fat Freezing - CLATUU

How does the CLATUU work for you?

Freezing Fat Away is completely non-invasive.
You can schedule your CLATUU procedure time into your normal routine.
Its sophisticated cooling energy is delivered directly into the targeted fat deposits without disturbing other body tissues.
The CLATUU procedure crystallizes fat cells, which are then eliminated by the body’s natural process by the natural metabolism.
Patients experience noticeable and measurable changes in the targeted area.


1. A 3 in 1 gel Pad which increases treatment convenience is applied on the area to be treated.
2. Applied target area is suctioned into the handpiece.
2. Cooling energy treats the fat layer without damaging surrounding tissues.
3. Damaged fat cells are broken down and eliminated by natural body process (apoptosis). This, in turn leads to, 20-40%fat reduction in the treated area.

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HIFU - Ultraformer 3 (Medical Grade)

HIFU ULTRAFORMER 3 Skin Tightening Eliminate stubborn fat cells in the easiest way possible – Non-invasive. No cutting.  No stitches.  No Downtime.

HIFU is a HIGH INTENSITY FOCUSED ULTRASOUND that penetrates the skin to depths that previously were only reachable via cosmetic surgery!

Even with strenuous exercise & extensive weight loss, stubborn fat cells around the thighs & abdominal region is challenging to shed.  The Ultraformer 3 treatment, applicable to the body & face, delivers an innovative solution without leaving a trace. Ultraformer treatment is completely non-invasive, lifting & contouring treatment applicable to the face, neck & body. Utilizing MMFU technology it provides tightening & contouring solutions, restoring youth to consumers without necessity for downtime.

HIFU provides a non-surgical alternative to liposuction to remove unwanted fat in non-obese patients. The new body sculpting technique is safe, causing minimal pain or side effects.  Fat cells & cellulite is formed within the body:

  1. No Surgery

  2. No Scar

  3. No side effect

  4. Short Treatment Time

  5. Dramatic Results

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"Great set of options for treatments for men and women. Lovely staff and nice, modern equipment."

— Biren K.

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