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What is Electrolysis?

Effective, gentle permanent hair removal. Pre-sterilised, disposable needles used for each client. Electrolysis hair removal is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal.


How Many Treatments Are Required?

When starting electrolysis, you need several treatments as electrolysis treats each hair follicle individually and only destroys hair permanently in the anagen phase. This is when the hair is actively growing in the root and is attached to the dermal papilla, which supplies the hair with oxygen and blood.

Hairs in the catagen and telogen phase are hairs that have detached themselves from the dermal papilla, and the shedding phase begins. Treating hairs in this phase is less effective but can still be treated by electrolysis, but our main aim with electrolysis is to treat in the anagen phase.

It is because of this hair growth cycle you require a series of treatments. For example, if you are doing a small area such as the chin and have minimal hairs, then all the hairs can usually be treated and removed in the first session, but you will be advised to return in 1-2 weeks once your hair starts to grow and come through. This is very important as if you leave it too long between sessions, and we are unlikely to catch the hair growth in the anagen phase.

Once the hairs are treated successfully in the anagen phase, you will receive permanent destruction of the follicle.

During the first three months, clients need regular treatment, and as the hairs subside, the duration increase – all of this will be explained to you during your consultation or first treatment in more detail.


The Benefits of Electrolysis Hair Removal

  • 100% Permanent solution to your problem with unwanted hair. You won’t have to worry about pesky stubbles anymore!

  • No downtime involved

  • Suitable for all hair types – grey, white, blond, and dark hair

  • Electrolysis can treat all skin types

  • Ideal for bothersome individual hair


Does Electrolysis Have Any Side Effects?

Electrolysis is a safe and effective method of hair removal that can significantly benefit those who undergo treatments. Some of the side effects are:

  • Redness on treated areas, which may last for 24-72 hours or up to 10 days

  • There may be bumps or swelling at the site where the needle was inserted during treatment (this usually subsides within 24 -- 72 hours)

  • You may have tiny scabs form, but this must be left alone to avoid scarring

Of course, electrolysis isn’t without risks, so if you notice any abnormal reactions after your session, don’t hesitate to consult with our clinicians for professional advice.

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