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The Benefits of Using Natural Skincare Products

Natural beauty products are fast becoming an innovative and popular solution for women all around the world. There has been a growing trend in those who want a more environmentally friendly approach to their skin care and beauty regimes, without giving up the quality of products.

Here at Jeunesse Beauty, we don’t only care about your skin care and health, we also care about the environment of the world we live in and making it a better place to live. This is one of the reasons why we have created our own line of natural, quality skin care products to help you, your skin and the world, but what are the differences between using natural and non-natural products and are there any benefits?



1. Earth Friendly

Products which are made from artificially produced ingredients can have a negative effect on our environment. The process of manufacturing and the heavy chemical solutions within the products put more pollution into the air, and the water, even more so going into your drain in your home. However, when products are manufactured more naturally, fewer chemicals are released.



2. Side Effects

Parabens are used in more conventionally made products as a preservative to extend the ‘shelf life’, however they are synthetic and mimic your body’s natural hormones, worrying many people due to their side effects of altering the body’s endocrine system.

Although ingredients like parabens can help the product in terms of preservation, there are still other possible side effects that are yet to be uncovered.

Natural products and ingredients use natural preservatives such as grapefruit seed extract, and have less chance of harming or having effect on your body. The effects being much more understood than synthetic ingredients.



1. No Irritation or Artificial Fragrances

Many chemicals, artificial colours and fillers in skin care products can cause irritation, redness and even worse breakouts, with some having allergic reactions to commonly found ingredients. Natural products work for your skin instead of against.

From the artificial ingredients come synthetic fragrances also. The food and drug administration says that a company doesn’t necessarily need to release their ingredients as they are considered trade information, however when you see this you don’t know how many chemicals are in the product. Knowing the ingredients of natural products allows you to identify anything you are allergic to beforehand and opt for other natural products to use on your skin that contain alternatives; this can eliminate any concern of irritation and unpleasant chemical fragrances.


1. Better for Your Skin

One of the biggest concerns within the beauty industry is little to no government regulation, which means many companies can get away with putting what they want in the products you use, which may come to no surprise that are extremely bad for your skin.

By using more natural beauty products you don’t have to worry about any chemical harming your skin, as they have better nutritional value in aid to supporting your skin. They have been specifically designed to repair, refined and rejuvenate your skin.

Jeunesse Beauty’s nine core products are as follows, making use of natural components and ensuring no animals by products or animal testing was involved:

  1. Jeunesse REVEAL – Glycolic Wash Cleanser

  2. Jeunesse PREPARE – Soothing Natural Daily Cleanser

  3. Jeunesse PROTECT SPF20 – Daily Moisturiser with SPF 20

  4. Jeunesse PROTECT SPF 50 – Daily Tinted Broad-Spectrum Sun Protection with SPF 50

  5. Jeunesse REJUVENATE – Stimulating Daily Active Serum

  6. Jeunesse C-10 – Professional Strength Vitamin C Serum

  7. Jeunesse HYDRATE – Hyaluronic Acid Serum

  8. Jeunesse RECOVER – Healing Active Night Cream

Jeunesse REFINE – Intensive Eye Serum

If you would like to know any more information regarding our Signature Skincare range you can enquire on 02084281138, or send us an email at

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