Most people tend to have a variety of skin and hair products on the ledges of their showers, from moisturisers to conditioners, and one of the essential items that should be in that line-up is a body scrub. Exfoliating is vital to keep your skin healthy and smooth, as it cleanses and removes dead skin cells. You have many options regarding a body scrub, so you can choose from a wide range of ingredients that can match all of your preferences – and, should you prefer professional skincare, you have even a wider assortment of scrubs to improve the health of your skin.


Types of Scrubs

A scrub that is specifically for your body, instead of your face, will have larger exfoliating particles, because the skin there is less delicate and needs more abrasion. Also, exfoliating scrubs can vary in regards to their common ingredients, although they tend to include salt, sugar and crushed nut shells that can improve the appearance of your skin, mainly if you have blemishes or redness.


Health Benefits of a Body Scrub

Full body scrubs are great to make you feel more invigorated, as they tend to improve circulation and help firm your skin by exfoliating the cells your body frequently sheds to expose the new and healthier skin beneath. To further increase the blood flow to the surface of the skin and help you feel even better, you might want to consider adding a massage after the exfoliation, as it encourages proper circulation.

When the dead cells are shed, your skin tends to look better and smoother, which adds to its youthfulness. This is another great benefit of frequently exfoliating, since the cell regeneration process slows down as we get older, but we can still give it a nudge by applying body scrubs.

Exfoliating regularly also prepares your skin for a tanning session, as it helps you get an even look, open pores before a mud treatment and can overall make you relax after a long day.


Things to Consider

Exfoliating shouldn’t be done every single day, even though body scrubs are safe and can typically be used by anyone, because it can irritate your skin. You should also avoid it if you’re sunburnt or have a medical condition that affects your skin, like a rash. When a body scrub treatment is done by trained professionals, it will be personalised to your skin type, so that you can get the best care and leave the salon feeling better than when you first arrived.


Body scrubs will help your skin heal, so whenever you do it you’re able to feel more relaxed and happy with a smoother, healthier skin. If you’re planning on getting a full body scrub with us, contact us anytime to arrange a booking, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any queries you might have.