A big part of medical aesthetics is provided by skin peels; this versatile and adaptable treatment is easily combined with other procedures or therapies that work together to provide you with a perfect result for your individual requirements. Skin peels improve and smooth the texture of the skin by removing dead skin cells and stimulating new ones to grow.

Here at Jeunesse MediSpa Clinic, our Skin Expert Practitioner using our computerised Skin Analysis system, will conduct a full consultation to determine your individual needs and requirements. You will receive a pre-peel preparation system that you will need to follow for two to three weeks before the peel to ensure that your skin is prepared for not only the treatment, but also for a shorter recovery time.

What Do Skin Peels Help Treat?

Skin peels help a wide range of skin conditions, making your life easier and more comfortable. If you suffer from rosacea, open pores/coarse textured skin, sun damage or melasma, and mild to moderate acne or acne scarring, skin peels can truly help make a difference.

You are also a perfect candidate for skin peels if want to reduce the effects of ageing (laxity, wrinkles, and fine lines), smooth or refine your skin, and refresh or stimulate. You might require four to six skin peel treatments, which you will be completely advised about at your consultation.



A similar reaction to sunburn might occur after you have your peel; redness is completely normal as the skin rejuvenates. Superficial peels heal quickly, usually within a week. Following the given instructions by the Skin Expert Practitioner and applying lotion or cream will help ease the healing process.

Medium peels require a longer recovery time, typically between one to two weeks. Redness and swollen skin are normal, particularly for the first few days after the procedure. Avoiding all sun exposure is necessary to avoid hyper-pigmentation.

Deep peels will heal between two to three weeks, in general. As it’s a more serious procedure and more invasive, you will be bandaged and will have to apply ointment for the first 14 days. Antiviral/Anti-bacterial medication and moisturiser will also help the healing process. Sun exposure is to be avoided for between three to six months.

Recovering from a skin peel will require the use of a strong SPF post treatment, to ensure your skin is protected from harmful sun rays. Following every instruction the Skin Expert Practitioner gives you will prevent injury and infection.

A medical skin peel is a procedure that requires a professional to conduct it. At Jeunesse MediSpa Clinic your safety and comfort are our priority, which is why booking an appointment and chatting with our Skin Expert Practitioner will provide you with a personalised plan and advice. You can contact us on 020 8428 1138 for more information about our services; our team is always happy to help!

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