A common and safe practice, ear piercing has been done for centuries. Body piercing can be dated back to approximately 2500 BCE, with the oldest known earrings found in a grave. At Jeunesse Beauty, we provide a safe and sterile ear piercing service, guaranteeing you only the best possible experience.


Allergy-Free Metal

In body piercing, some people are more sensitive to certain metals, getting an allergic reaction similar to food allergies. Itchiness, swelling, redness, and pain are common symptoms of an allergic reaction to the metal in your skin. To guarantee that your body doesn’t react adversely to a piercing, you need to have an earring that is sure to keep you allergy-free.

We use Inverness products, which meet the strictest global standards for the amount of nickel release, as this is a metal that frequently causes allergic reactions. Gold products have less than 0.025% of nickel and the surgical grade titanium products are completely nickel-free – the perfect solution if you have a nickel allergy.


Inverness Guarantee

With Inverness products, you are assured the best possible piercing experience, both during the piercing and after. Unique to Inverness, the patented Inverness Safety Back™ allows for healthy air flow to aid in healing your piercing, as it prevents it from being squeezed too tightly.

In addition, fully enclosed earring capsules ensure that you have an extremely safe piercing procedure. This unique and fully enclosed option contains a Safety Back™ that doesn’t allow for any exposure to impurities that can affect the healing process.

Unlike other piercers, the Inverness piercing instrument is patented for its gentleness in piercing. It utilises easy-loading sterile capsules that don’t fall out, and its unique button eject system allows the piercer to work without ever having to touch piercing part directly.



Piercing Care

The full and complete ear piercing experience at Jeuness Beauty includes Inverness Ear Care Antiseptic. Caring for your piercing correctly is just as important as having it done properly by an experienced and professional piercer.

With the Inverness Ear Care Antiseptic you can heal and soothe your piercing easily, guaranteeing that the area doesn’t get irritated. Rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide are too strong to be used, but Inverness ensures your piercing is well taken care of.


You can choose from a wide variety of piercing designs when you choose to have your ears pierced with us; from classic and simple studs to more bold designs, you can easily match both your style and your budget.