Hydradermie2 The Star Treatment


  • The skin renews itself every 30 days
  • At night, the skin repairs itself
  • By day, the skin should be protected to appear enhanced
  • A radiant, healthy complexion depends on subcutaneous blood circulation
  • We can delay the visible effects of ageing
  • Treatments that are unique in the world

The star Treatment for youthful and radiant skin.

An hour of treatment, during which precious active ingredients will work to rehydrate the skin, and help reinforce its natural protective mechanism and improve its suppleness.
This exclusive Guinot treatment will make your skin youthful and radiant, from the very first treatment.
Your face will appear rested and luminous with a subtle glow. Hydradermie2 now achieves double ionisation with double the results.

Double Ionisation- Active ingredients with positive and negative charges rapidly penetrate the epidermis, allowing for deep moisturisation.
Oxygenation- Brightens the complexion by stimulating skin cell oxygenation and microcirculation.
Relaxing Massage- Enjoy a marvellous moment of relaxation under the expert fingers of your beauty therapist.
Price: £60.00
Duration: 60 mins
COURSE: Buy 7 (6+1 Free) for £360
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