Skin Lesions (ACP) 30 MIN – Skin Tags,Blood Spots,Milia)

The Skin blemishes or conditions that are treated with ACP are:
• Thread Veins: red over-dilated capillaries, often seen in the cheeks.
• Spider Veins: a central over-dilated blood vessel from which capillaries extend outwards.
• Blood Spots: small raised red blemishes that lie beneath the skin surface.
• Milia: tiny white lumps of keratin that lies just beneath the skin surface
• Warts: Plane, common, seborrheic warts and verrucae.
• Skin Tags: small blemishes of excess skin.
• Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra: This is a common popular disorder which develops in adolescence
on black skin and it is identified by smooth, dome shaped, brown to black papules seen mainly on
the cheeks, neck and upper chest.



Skin Lesions or Blemishes

Probably the least invasive, minimal and effective method of treatment for a such a wide variety of blemishes electrolysis has got to be the most sensible and safe choice. Results are often instantaneous, pleasing and life enhancing

Advanced electrolysis treatments can be a rewarding treatment to have as the results are often instantly visible.
This treatment offers a professional solution to these unwanted skin imperfections and conditions.
Prices: £45 per Skin Tag
15 mins session £75.00
30 mins session £125
45 mins session £175
Duration can range from 15 mins to 60 mins depending on number of lesions/blemishes.
Call 020 8428 1138 to book