Skin lesions such as Skin tags, papulosa nigra, Campbell de morgan (blood spots), Spider veins, Age Spots, warts, verruca and thread veins are very common and can be a continual source of irritation and embarrassment but can be treated, most of the time, in one session!

Did you know that most skin blemishes can be permanently removed with just one 15-minute treatment? Many people are not aware of this, simply accepting their skin problem without seeking treatment, believing they have no other choice.

At Jeunesse, we often spot blemishes when our clients are undergoing laser hair removal or other treatments. When we point out the blemishes, they are surprised that we can remove them, mostlypermanently with only one 15-minute treatment.

Our trained specialists will assess the best course of treatment for you and may suggest a method of Advanced Cosmetic Procedures or a Freezing treatment.

The area to be treated is accurately pinpointed by either method. The ACP methos uses a needle with the aid of diathermy or the blend current to effectively treat the lesions or the freezing treatment is administered with a micro-fine jet of cryogen or liquid nitrogen is directed onto the lesion which ‘kills’ the area. Within a few days the treated area will flake or fall off and it will should heal within two to four weeks.

Only minor discomfort is experienced because treatment of healthy tissue is easily avoided with both methods.