Callus Peel + Fitness Pedi

Quick, effective hard skin reduction.

Don’t just dream about pretty feet, let your therapist simply Callus Peel away the hard skin and calluses.

Calluses appear when pressure is applied to the feet over time, causing the skin to harden and calluses to appear. To treat both feet, this amazing treatment only takes 25 minutes. We recommend a treatment every 2-3 weeks, although results are seen after the first treatment! The treatment targets the hard skin / calluses on your feet with skin softening patches followed with scrapping away the hard skin leaving your feet feeling soft and revitalised


Callus Peel With Pedicure

Callus peel is first applied to perform the treatment. Then both feet & half legs are soaked in a spa bath to relax them. The nails are then cut to desired shape followed by cuticle work.
A massage with oil-rich conditioning treatment creams is performed leaving them smoother & softer before finishing off with a matt nail treatment to reveal fresh, clean feet.

A special peel is applied to exfoliate very hard skin on soles of the feet and then taken off. This is then followed by a relaxing pedicure.
Duration: 75 mins • Price: £45
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