Interest in men’s grooming has exploded in recent years and why not? Men have skin and hair too, so it’s natural for them to want to take care of it.

Having hair removed might be considered a leap of faith, but at Jeunesse Beauty, we can promise you have nothing to worry about and will leave loving the results.

Why the Trend?

Over the past decade, men have become much more open to taking care of their appearance and there are many benefits to hair removal that they are only just beginning to appreciate.

A rising interest in sports where it’s useful is one reason. Cycling, swimming and rowing are three activities where hair removal can improve performance and comfort.

The skin-tight outfits worn by fitness enthusiasts are a lot more comfortable if there’s no drag or pull on the inside from hair. Bodybuilders also like how hair removal makes their muscles much more defined.

Pilonidal Sinus

Regular hair removal is also great for preventing ingrown hairs. This is particularly problematic around the base of the spine and can lead to pilonidal sinus, holes or tunnels in the skin. They often occur around the cleft of the buttocks and can become infected.

It’s a common problem for cyclists and rowers and keeping the area free of hair alleviates and prevents the condition.

More Benefits

Hair removal can also help with body odour, particularly in the summer, and being free of hair helps you feel cleaner and more hygienic.

It’s also undeniably about looking your best. Small but effective treatments are available to remove, trim or shape hair around the ear and eyebrows to improve the overall look of the face.

Body Hair Removal

On a larger scale, arms and legs can be treated as can the chest, back and shoulders. Or you can go the whole hog and have a full body treatment.

With the focus on a more defined, toned and muscular look for men these days, a hair-free torso can make the best of all those hours in the gym. Often, partners prefer the smooth look and feel, too.

What Can You Expect?

There’s no denying that waxing incurs some short-term pain which subsides immediately after the wax is removed. However, some areas are more sensitive than others and everyone’s pain threshold is different.

Your therapist will use the best form of waxing method for each area. That means strip wax on hard-wearing and broad surface areas such as the legs, back and arms, and the more gentle hot wax variety on genital and armpit areas.

Your skin will also be prepped prior to waxing and smoothed with calming and cooling gels afterwards to help minimise any discomfort. If you’re not yet sure about waxing, it might be worth trying the less sensitive areas first, like the legs and arms, to get an idea of what it’s like, before tackling more sensitive regions.

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