Also known as varicose veins or spider veins, leg veins are typically enlarged and swollen veins that can be dark purple, red, flesh-coloured, or blue. They can also look lumpy or twisted, followed by symptoms such as heavy and achy legs.

Usually present in the inside of the legs behind the knees, thighs, and back of calves, these veins can develop blood clots, skin ulcers, and other harmful and painful issues.



Causes of Leg Veins

Healthy veins ensure the smooth flowing of your blood to your heart while ensuring that the blood doesn’t flow backwards due to valves in your veins. When these valves are damaged or weakened, they don’t open or close properly and your blood can flow backwards and be trapped in the vein.

Causing swelling, these veins can also be weakened and cause bleeding. Several factors can contribute to you developing these veins, including but not limited to family members with the condition, older age, being overweight, being a woman, standing for long periods of time, being pregnant, or any other medical conditions.


Non-Surgical Treatment

Painful and dangerous, these leg veins can be treated through our Nd:Yag Laser quickly removes unsightly veins. The laser works through the emission of strong bursts of light through the skin onto the veins, helping them to disappear. US FDA approved, our laser can easily treat from the smallest spider veins to the bigger and more painful ones.

A painful sensation can be expected from the laser but it quickly fades due to the following cooling process. You can also expect swelling and redness on the treated area, which naturally disappear after a few days. Rare and temporary skin discoloration is a possibility but it disappears in the first one to three months after the treatment.

With no puncturing of the skin involved or surgery, there is very minimal risk and discomfort associated with this treatment. All skin types are ideal but an expert consultation with our medical professionals will ensure that you have the best possible tailored treatment.


Achieving Your Ideal Results

Depending on your individual case you might require more treatments. Typically three or four treatments are needed to provide leg vein improvement, but two treatments have been proven to achieve the desired effect.

Lasting approximately 30 minutes per treatment, you are guaranteed no downtime due to the lack of needles and incisions in the treatment. Depending on your age and skin, you can see results as quickly as one to two weeks after your treatment.


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