Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal with Jeunesse Beauty

Tattoo removal treatments with Jeunesse Beauty represents how technological advancements in the beauty arena are helping people change the effects of earlier lifestyle choices. Often, tattoos are a symbol that represent something meaningful in their life, or they are simply a favoured design. But, as people grow older, change their interests and lifestyles, they may wish that they could reverse such a permanent decision. The great news is that you can, whether this is an older or newer acquisition.


Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists in London

Our tattoo removal process is carried out by laser removal specialists with the highest standards of care, attention and professionalism. Using our FDA approved laser, you can rest assured that the effects will be noticeable and lasting. This laser also means that the tattoo removal extends itself to any coloured tattoo on any skin type, currently only available in a select few laser skin clinics in London. And, Jeunesse MediSpa Clinic Pinner is one of the elites in the surrounding area to embrace the safest, most advanced laser technology.

Tattoos are permanently created by using a mechanised needle to puncture the skin and inject ink into the second layer of skin just below the epidermis, called the dermis. This layer of skin does not regenerate anywhere near the amount of times as the outer layer which is why tattoos may slightly fade over their lifetime but never disappear. Our laser tattoo removal treatment works by breaking down this ink using the laser light, your body’s immune system will then naturally and safely remove any of these excess, broken down materials.

As the ink can vary depending on skin type, colour and age of the tattoo, exactly how many tattoo removal sessions you will require cannot be predicted, but this will be discussed in further detail with our consultants and laser specialists.

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If tattoo removal sounds like the right process for you and you would like further information from trusted specialists here at Jeunesse Beauty, we are more than happy to help you to achieve the results you desire. Get in touch with us by calling 02084281138 Something you’ve been thinking about and you’re ready to put this into motion? Book online now for a hassle-free and convenient service. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Tattoo Removal

At Jeunesse MediSpa Clinic we use Spectra® which is the most advanced laser tattoo removal platforms for safe and successful removal of black and multi-coloured tattoos. This superior procedure safely targets a wide range of colours from black, blue, brown and red, to other colours which are most difficult colours like green and sky blue.

The laser sends short bursts of precisely controlled pulses of light directly into ink molecules and shatters them so that the remains can be gradually absorbed into your body without any damage to the surrounding tissue of the skin.
1 x 1 inch - £40 per session
2 x 2 inch - £60 per session
3 x 3 inch - £80 per session
4 x 4 inch - £100 per session
5 x 5 inch - £120 per session
6 x 6 inch - £140 per session
All areas available as courses of 5 sessions or 9 sessions - please call clinic for further details & course prices.
Call 020 8428 1138 to book