Indian Head Massage Face, Scalp & Upper Back

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Indian Head Massage Face,Scalp & Upper Back

This massage releases tension in the back, neck, shoulder and scalp. Therapist will only focus on a small area of tension due to time restriction.
Good for those who suffer from headaches, migraines and insomnia. Stress/Toxin relief oils are used.
This treatment is unsuitable for clients with Hair extensions.

The Indian Head Massage is a therapeutic massage technique that focuses on a patient’s head, face, neck, upper-arms, and shoulders.
During This mini Indian Head Massage, the practitioner will use a series of gentle massage strokes to ease both mental and physical stress and tension by focusing on a small area of tension in their patients by stimulating nerves, loosening muscles, and relaxing tissues.
Price: £40.00 Duration: 45 mins.
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