Fungal Nail Treatment

Onychomycosis is the medical term for Fungal Nail infection. It’s a very common nail infection that men & women can have & its more prevalent as one gets older.
There are various causes of Fungal nail infection like damage to the nail seal or nail plate, general poor health, low immunity, athlete’s foot, sharing washing facilities or sharing nail tools, trauma due to tightly fitted shoes or poor healing/poor circulation due to diabetes.
Jeunesse MediSpa fungal nail laser treatment procedure involves with a consultation and assessment of your affected fungal nails; we will answer questions and concerns you have on the nail fungus laser treatment. The next step would be a test patch and then once deemed suitable your treatment can begin.
With our Spectra XT yag laser technology the fungal nail(s) is treated with performing a grid pattern covering the complete effected area to ensure optimum results.

The ND Yag Laser passes heat through the nail allowing it to vaporise the nail fungus with its high energy it kills the fungus by reacting with the fungal cell walls, the fungus is within the nail complex which only the laser is able to target the fungal cell without harm or having to take oral prescriptions and topical products which do not have the ability to penetrate the nail bed. Each session takes no longer than 20-30 minutes depending on the number of affected fungal nails to be treated with Laser.

During the nail fungus laser treatment, clients feel a warm sensation under the nail whilst the laser is being used over the nail and instantly cools as the laser is moved across, Our toenail fungus laser treatment will not harm your nail or surrounding skin and has no known side effects, the treatment is not surgical and usually there is no downtime given.

You do not usually notice any visible changes to the nail instantly after a toenail fungal laser treatment. Usually, subsequent sessions may be needed of 1-2 treatment spread over 3-4 weeks. Results are typically seen once the nail has fully grown out which can take up to a few months.

Depending on the severity of the fungus, you may be required to purchase a special after care fungal product after the first treatment to help reduce any further spread of the toenail fungus.

Price: £95 per session £450.00 Course of 5 sessions
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