Standard Bikini Line

Our waxing specialists are highly skilled, they are quick but thorough, and offer full body waxing treatment, including a full range of intimate waxing: Basic Bikini Wax, Thong bikini wax, Brazilian wax, and Hollywood Waxing. Tea tree wax is used for its astringent and anti-septic properties as standard. Honey wax, Hot wax (at an extra charge) and Lavender can also be used upon request.

Warm Wax Standard Bikini Line

A Standard bikini wax removes the hair from the entire bikini line to give your legs and bikini area a clean, neat look. You'll have a smooth, bump-free bikini area that looks fabulous in a normal leg bathing suit.

First the hair is snipped with scissors, if necessary, so the wax can reach the follicles. Then, using a wooden stick, a technician places warm wax on the area a little bit at a time. As with a regular bikini wax, paper strips are placed over the warm wax and pulled away from the skin.Traditional Brazilian and Hollywood waxes includes the labia and the area that reaches into the buttocks. If there are stray hairs after waxing, the technician may also tweeze the area. The key to allowing wax to penetrate into the follicles (and provide the closest possible wax) is to relax. And many women claim the treatment is not nearly as painful as it sounds.
Price: £11.00
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