Hollywood stars are known for having fantastic skin, and often look far younger than their driver’s licence says. This is partly down to the various treatments and procedures they undergo which help them to stay looking youthful and fresh-faced.

While these treatments can seem like they are only for the rich and famous, there are many of these treatments which are more affordable than you think. Because of this, they have become popular with many people looking to refresh and rejuvenate their skin.

We recently wrote about the Carbon Spectra Laser Peel and how it works. But now we will take a closer look at why it is such a popular treatment with celebrities, making it one of the secrets to Hollywood beauty that you can now take advantage of.

carbon spectra peel

What Does the Carbon Spectra Peel Do?

The peel does what it says and more, peeling a layer of skin, tightening pores, correcting pigmentation, smoothing the complexion and encouraging the production of collagen. Over the course of a number of treatments and several weeks, you can start to see some impressive results.

So, what is it about this treatment that the likes of Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian love?


Non-Surgical Option with Results

While surgical cosmetic treatments are on the decline, it has made way for a surge in popularity for the non-surgical options. However, while the popularity of non-surgical options surges, it’s essential that these treatments offer the same incredible results as any other treatment.

The Carbon Spectra Peel is a painless way of achieving these great results, giving you the best of both worlds.


No Recovery Time

Celebrities have busy lives, so undergoing a treatment that will take them out of action for an extended period of time just isn’t an option for many. Thankfully, with the Carbon Spectra Peel, there is no downtime as it isn’t an invasive procedure.

This means that you can have the treatment and then go on to enjoy the rest of your day as you usually would.


Fast Procedure with Fast-Working Results

Just as celebrities want to make sure that they’re not going to need lots of downtime due to their busy schedules, they are also likely to be looking for treatments that won’t take long to undergo and will offer results fast.

The Carbon Spectra Peel treatment lasts up to an hour, so you could have it done in a lunch break. Once the first treatment has been carried out, most patients start to see some results. After another few treatments, they can see dramatic results which are totally transformative.

There are plenty of different reasons why the Carbon Spectra Peel has become popular with celebrities, as it helps them to keep their skin looking young, fresh and flawless. You can find out more about how you can get some of that Hollywood beauty by getting in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to discuss the treatment further with you.