Laser Acne or Red Flushing Reduction


Acne is one of the most common dermatological conditions, which mainly affects adolescents, but can affect adults at almost any age.  Many factors can contribute to acne …

Laser Acne or Red Flushing Reduction

Laser treatments to reduce & manage inflammatory skin conditions such as inflammatory Acne & Rosacea or Red Flushing on the skin.

It's very fast, safe & easy laser procedure that speeds up resolution of the lingering redness that would otherwise last for many months after acne has resolved. Having an effective treatment for redness will make the patients look and feel better.

Lasers have been used for several decades to treat many types of vascular conditions. The 585 nm wavelength is preferred for vascular redness due to that wavelength’s high absorption by oxy-hemoglobin - the oxygen carrying molecule in red blood cells.
In addition, the 585 nm penetrates deeply enough into the skin to reach the target very tiny vessels that are the cause of diffuse redness while sparing the deeper and larger vessels reducing the risk of bruising.
Full Face £120.00 per session
10 sessions - £850.00
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