HIFU Skin Tightening for Face Ultraformer III

HIFU is a non-surgical skin lifting treatment that has become one of the most sought after treatments…….

HIFU is a HIGH INTENSITY FOCUSED ULTRASOUND that penetrates the skin to depths …

HIFU Skin Tightening Face - Ultraformer lll

Ultraformer treatment is completely non-invasive, lifting & contouring treatment applicable to the face, neck & body. Utilizing MMFU technology it provides tightening & contouring solutions, restoring youth to consumers without necessity for downtime.

1. The dermis layer of the skin naturally synthesizes less collagen over the course of time.
2. Focused Ultrasound waves deliver energy directly within the skin layer causing a shrinking effect.
3. After inflammation & fibroplasias is caused, new collagen is formed in the targeted area.
4. Through the regeneration of collagen, it eliminates wrinkles as the skin becomes firm & thick.
Eye Lift: from £350
Forehead: from £325
Neck to Jawline: from £395
Jowl: from £395
Decolletage: from £495
Neck & Jowl: £495
Neck & Decolletage: £695
Neck, Jowl & Decolletage: £1,200
Full Face: £795
Full Face & Neck: £995
Mid & Lower Face: from £500
If you are not sure which areas you would like, please contact the clinic on 020 8428 1138.
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