skin treatments

When you’re not happy with the way you look, it can be hard to feel comfortable in your own skin. However, there are plenty of ways in which you can help yourself to feel a little bit happier with the way you look. This could be as small as trying out a new lipstick colour, or could be a bit more dramatic by undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

skin treatments

One thing that many people worry about is the look of their skin, and for some, this is about the sagginess of skin due to the ageing process. This sagging, though, can be dealt with using skin tightening treatments, but which ones actually work and will give you the results you are looking for?


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

One of the most effective methods for skin tightening is through radio frequency treatments. This method takes advantage of radio frequency technology, using it to deliver radio frequency waves into collagen fibres. The energy is pushed down into the skin, producing heat which stimulates collagen production and even tightens the existing collagen.


Our expert team at Jeunesse Beauty provide this treatment and say,

“The radio frequency treatment which we offer is a pain free, relaxing, immediately effective treatment to tighten and lift the face and neck, including the delicate eye area. With no surgery, we can see incredible results which completely transform the way our clients look and feel about themselves.”  


Surgical Skin Tightening

Of course, for the majority of cosmetic complaints, there is often a surgical option which is highly effective. Wherever there is excess skin, surgical methods simply removes it, allowing for skin to appear tighter and firmer.


There are plenty of benefits of surgical skin tightening, such as the immediacy of the results and their longevity. However, this is a much more dramatic approach and requires a more invasive procedure than non-surgical options. This means that patients require a longer recovery time and are often left with some scarring. If you are considering a surgical option, you should ensure that you choose a qualified and experienced doctor as their expertise will ensure a higher rate of success and minimal scarring.


Ultrasound Skin Tightening

Another effective skin tightening method uses ultrasound to deliver sound waves under the skin to boost collagen production. This collagen production helps to tighten and firm the skin without using invasive methods.


According to The Mirror, this is an effective treatment for skin tightening. They say,

“Instead of scalpels and needles, this uses ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production in the deep layers of the skin – making it appear more taut, lifted and plump.”


There are a number of different treatments available which can tighten and firm the skin in different areas of the body. It’s important to do plenty of research before committing to any treatment to ensure that it is the right one for you. If you are unsure about which one will be the best, we’d love to hear from you here at Jeunesse beauty or visit our skin care page for more information.